Moving Forward

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here.  Life has been busy lately… midterms and papers, work and family have kept me pretty bogged down.  But I thought I should check in to my little world here, so here I am.

Countdown to graduation (or emancipation, as I like to look at it) is at 49 days.  It’s exciting for many reasons, most obviously that I’ve paid my dues as an undergrad and am ready to move on.  More importantly though, I’m starting to realize that soon I will leave a world dominated by evangelical Christianity.  I’ve often reminded myself that atheism is not a comprehensive worldview, it is not a unified group of people and it is not the end of knowledge; for me, my de-conversion from Christianity was only the beginning of a new chapter in exploring life.  In 49 days, I think that will truly come to fruition.

Now, I think ideas matter.  And I think the cause of moving a progressive, nontheistic agenda forward is important.  But my passions lay elsewhere.  I cannot wait to be out in the world doing what I want to do without having to confront religious language and dogma at every corner.  I’m ready to move forward with my life.

People at my school often refer to the campus as the “Nazarene bubble” because life here really is not normal.  Students here exist in a static subculture that is structured very different than the rest of the world.  I can’t wait for my escape from the bubble.  Mostly I look forward to having my (lack of) religious views becoming less of a defining characteristic of who I am, and just a small part of the mosaic of my life.  I look forward to engaging in political debate that doesn’t rest on interpretation of Christian Scripture, I look forward to eating meals that don’t akwardly begin with prayers, I look forward to conversations that don’t center around people’s “spiritual health.”

This place that I have spent the past four years is an enclave of a dying idea.  I take great comfort in knowing that on the outside world, things operate differently.  Sure, there are religious people.  And religious faith still permeates  through all aspects of society.  But religious faith is undoubtedly much more dilluted out there than it is in here.

49 days. 

3 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    congratulations on your upcoming graduation
    i’m an atheist on the outside
    come to new england
    i’m outnumbered by religious types here too but they are very accepting of me and my views, at least the ones I feel comfortable enough to tell
    i’m careful who i tell

  2. Thanks.

    I spent a summer in New Jersey (not quite New England, I know). Though the circumstances of the summer were relatively (forgive my Anglo-Saxon language) shitty, the area I was in was amazing. Everything you could ever hope from a northeastern town. Ohio isn’t too bad though.

  3. Jersey is nothing like New England — we have the Shore, not some rocky coast. 😛

    P.S. If you ever go back, go to the Skylands region (Warren and Sussex counties) if you didn’t last time. Born there, so I am biased to say it is the best part of the state. 😛

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