Why CarriedTheCross?

I was not raised in a Christian home, and slowly converted to the faith over a period between my sixth and ninth grade years in school (depending on how you mark ‘salvation’).  During high school, I found my first exposure to intellectual discussions about Christianity, apologetics and atheism on an internet forum dedicated to Christianity.  I participated there under the name “CarryTheCross.”  It was in this forum that I found a love for apologetics, and in turn philosophy, which ultimately ended in my de-conversion from Christianity.  Hence, the past tense “CarriedTheCross.”


2 Responses to “Why CarriedTheCross?”

  1. Me: I am 21, atheist in a fundamental Christian family. I try to find justification for faith all the time, only to realise that perhaps Buddha was closer to truth than Jesus, Muhamed, Krishna…or Pat Robertson. :mrgreen:

  2. I am a follower of Jesus the Messiah. I have been a christian for 35 years. God set His love upon me in Jesus from before time began. For eternity I will love Him and be loved by Him. Thanks be to God!

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